Just check them photographs out and give me some critisism please. You dont have to if you dont want to!

Okay let me explain myself.

2017-07-26 07:08:01 by JoeyW

Okay, first off. I'm Joe, an animator/artist etc. I'm currently on a new account again, but this is going to be permanant now so let me say what I have planned. 

  • I am working on a short film, on which I will be working on all summer and possibly afterwards.
  • I am going to start introducing art and various drawings on here and my deviant art. 
  • It is possible that I will not be doing as much because im going to be in my final year in school starting September so that is one thing ive got to concentrate on the most. 
  • I am also wanting to make new contacts/friends on this site since why not? get involved with the community (which is kinda hard since im a shy guy when it comes to new people)
  • Also, I may feature some of my acoustic songs onto this to keep me occupied.

So thats it pretty much, if you read this I hope you have a nice day. Thats all.


Joe :)